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Bus Driver Recognition Kenwood Camera Giveaway

Thank you to districts/directors who entered our driver recognition giveaway. We’re thrilled to help honor South Carolina bus drivers who go Above & Beyond to ensure the safety of our area students. Below are the winners! The first SIX, selected by random drawing, will each receive a $220-value Kenwood DRV-A501WDP dashcam package. The seventh is a special recognition award recipient who will receive a $100 gift card. This is a “private” page of our website, so area directors can be the first to notify and congratulate your winner. We’ll contact you soon to arrange award presentations and also would like to obtain permission to feature/publish winners on our website and social media sites (does not affect winner status).


Click the flier to print/download more details on plaques and prize presentations!

Benjamin Griffin III, Richland School District Two

Ben is the routing tech for our hub. Ben is responsible for the routing of 48 buses for 5 middle schools, 11 elementary schools, 3 high schools, transporting over 10,689 students twice a day. Ben also adds new stops and tracks the head count on each bus to ensure we don’t have a bus that is over loaded. Ben tracks all this information so he can give the answers to our hub supervisor so he can make informed decisions on bus size for each route. On top of all of his regular duties Ben finds the time to keep up his qualifications for being a bus driver. Ben will get up every morning and call the dispatcher to make sure all routes are covered. With our current situation at our hub Ben drives a bus both in the AM and PM, meanwhile making sure his routes are right and making any changes necessary to insure our drivers have what they need to move students to and from school safely in a timely manner day in and day out. Ben goes Above and Beyond every day.

Donna Elmore, Spartanburg School District Seven

This Driver is willing to step in an help anyway she can. Recently we have had a number of drivers out due to different reasons, and she has stepped up and helped with extra routes and also has driven special needs routes. Always helpful and never tells us no when we have to call for help. She also has a good work ethic and positive attitude that she shows towards all of her coworkers.

Tommie Ashe, York School District One

This driver had a student injured on the bus, which required medical attention. EMS was dispatched and the student was transported to the hospital.  At the conclusion of  the route the driver returned her bus and went on her own time to check on the student at the hospital. This action created a lasting bond between the driver, student and her parents.

Roslind Perry, Lexington School District Five

Ms. Perry has been selected as the Irmo Driver of the Year and the Lexington Richland 5 District Driver of the Year 2020/2021. Ms. Perry, takes the time to ensure her students are safely transported each day to and from school. She often volunteers to help out during shortages and is always willing to take time for a student. She discusses the bus safety rules with her students and contacts parents with behavior concerns (pleasant and not pleasant). She reminds her students the importance of  rules on the bus and at school.  She demonstrates her loyalty to the district, parents, and students on a daily basis.

Byron Darville, Aiken County Schools

Bryon is an all around outstanding employee. Always looking for a way to help others. Each day Byron starts the day helping to get the lot started on cold mornings. After his route he is tasked with the alternative route in which he has helped turn kids lives around. There have been  many students on the bus that have changed their lifestyle and ways due to Byron's uplifting spirits and redirecting them each day on their way to and from school. They refer to him as "Coach"! After routes Byron takes his time to make sure the bus lot stays neat and clean keeping the trash cleaned up not only in his stall but all around as well as helping to keep the office clean. Byron has even gone as far as giving up extra routes when he hears someone in need of more driving time. I know he has trials of his own but you would never know because there is not a day that goes by that Bryon doesn't have a smile on his face and an uplifting word to help someone get through their day.

Edward Boyd, Rock Hill School District

Mr. Boyd has had perfect attendance for seven consecutive years including summer school with no accidents. He also schedule routes and drivers for our secondary program and works in the office as dispatch. Mr. Boyd also help pull video tapes; works with vendors when needed and is an awesome person to work with and gets the job done!

Sean Woodard, Fairfield County School District - Special Recognition $100 Gift Certificate

To whom it may concern Mr Sean Woodard is single father who raised three child after his wife who was a bus driver died during a fatal bus accident. After losing his wife Mr Sean continue to drive his bus as a bus driver for the past 16 years. Sean has never been late with a perfect discipline record.