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'You cannot manage a critical incident with a cell phone"

Kevin Wren, Director of Security & Environmental Mgmnt, Rock Hill SC Schools

[Below are excerpts from a Kenwood Case Study. Click to read the full story. A longtime Fleettalk by customer, Kevin was named Campus Safety Magazine's Director of the Year for K-12. Click for more about this prestigious honor.]

“You can’t beat a two-way radio. You cannot manage a critical incident with a cell phone. Been there, tried that. It’s impossible. With radios, there’s no more game of telephone, when meanings gets changed as the message goes from person to person. It’s right there, live. With a radio, everyone knows the same thing, at the same time, the exact same message, and, no dropped calls. I came from public safety and was not looking at KENWOOD as an option when I came to Rock Hill. I have been pleasantly surprised with the excellent coverage and how the radios hold up. They may be economically priced, but they are not built that way ..." Click for more.

'Highly responsive to the District's needs and actively involved"

Charles "Rich" Todd, Coordinator of Safety & Emergency Services, Fort Mill School 4

"Rock Communications has been a valuable partner of the Fort Mill School District for the past year. Within six weeks, Rock Communications was able to fully implement the District’s radio program, consisting of more than 400 portable radios and 20 base stations, to ensure reliable communications for 17 schools and the District as the 2019-2020 academic year began. Rock Communications has been highly responsive to the District’s needs and actively involved in identifying opportunities for radio program enhancements. The Fleet Talk system provides the District with a reliable, cost-effective means of District-wide, school-to-school, and campus communications and allows for direct communication between District personnel and local law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency. Common programming of radios allows the District to move equipment between schools without any reprogramming or degradation of service. These enhanced communication capabilities are critical to school safety and security during today’s challenging times."

'I can't say enough about Rock Communications"

Thomas Buckley, Director of Transportation, Fort Mill School District

“Two way communication between our school buses and dispatch is critical to the service and safety of our students and staff. Fleettalk by Rock Communications provides crisp radio transmissions throughout our school district and state. Having the ability to communicate with a driver on an activity trip around the state puts my mind at ease knowing that we can serve our drivers without any delays. Recognizing the service provided, our school district recently acquired Fleettalk equipment for all of our schools, therefore allowing us to directly communicate with schools in the event of an emergency or crisis. Jon and his team has provided our school district with exceptional service for many years and I look for this relationship to continue for many more years to come! I can’t say enough about Rock Communications' products and service!"

'We cannot be more pleased with the level of customer service"

Kevin Queen, Director of Transportation & Safety, York School District 1

“York School District One has had the opportunity to partner with Rock Communications for our radio communication needs. This partnership has proven invaluable, especially with bus transportation and school safety communication needs. We could not be more pleased with the level of customer service provided with installation, programming, training, and upkeep of our radio system. The system has allowed us to be in compliance with State and Federal school facilities communication requirements. The Emergency channel feature has allowed quick and adequate response to school security issues without having to count on third party communication. Additionally, all our School Resource Officers are in constant communication with each other and district administration through our radio system. The FleetTalk radio system has been exceptionally reliable throughout the vast geographical spread that encompasses our district. During the COVID 19 Pandemic we have depended on Rock Communications and the FleetTalk system to provide us with reliable and easy to use radio technology. The operations involved with instructional packet and meal delivery were much more efficient with the use of our radio system. We look forward to continuing to work with Rock Communications to keep York School District One safe and productive."

Fleettalk advantages for school safety

  • EMERGENCY ALL CALL - Call everyone in your organization at one time and have police monitor emergency traffic

  • Expandable in-building coverage

  • Little or no infrastructure cost

  • Secure communication

  • Low equipment cost

  • Long equipment life

  • 6.25 banding 2020 narrow band compliant

  • Customized programming

  • Panic button/silent alarm opens mic

  • GPS locating available

  • 1000 plus channel radio

  • One radio, one program for all schools in the district makes training and distribution easy

Fleettalk advantages for transportation

  • Huge coverage area

  • Multiple site redundancy

  • GPS location available

  • Track and communicate with activity buses all over the state

  • Dispatch buses from multiple locations

  • Know where your activity buses are and better estimate when they will arrive or depart

  • Link to school bus radios for emergency communications

  • Caller ID - Know who is calling​

  • Special school pricing

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