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Rugged products and innovative technologies for the long haul.

We can help you save time, money and even lives. FleetTalk by Rock Communications can help you plan, develop and install affordable, two-way radio solutions in full compliance with DOT rules and regulations. We can help keep your drivers in constant communication, focused on their destinations and safer on the road. Our radios, systems and coverage areas are ideal for gravel and dump trucks, construction sites, long haul truckers, cement trucks, garbage trucks, electric utility trucks and many more. Here's how we can help:

Fleettalk advantages for trucking and hauling

  • Crystal clear coverage throughout the Carolinas and beyond. Click for Coverage Maps.

  • Dispatch multiple areas from one office location. Click for GPS Tracking.

  • Control flow of service – Customer calls office = Office dispatches technician = Technician repairs/delivers and reports in = Office bills customer

  • Instant communication – No more leaving a message

  • Comply with DOT Rules & Regulations. Click for DOT Rules & Safety Links.

  • Improve overall safety for your drivers and others on the road

  • Avoid distracted driving to reduce tickets, accidents and lawsuits

'Fleettalk is the answer. It's really a great product  ...' Brian McManus, Hoopaugh Grading

“I have got to have better communications on my job sites. I’ve got sites that cover 1,500 acres or more. We’ve got a water truck dropping water on the wrong side of the job site while the superintendent is trying to call him on a cell phone that goes straight to voice mail. I’m losing money with cell phones; it’s not working and it’s not safe. Fleettalk is the answer. We have different groups for every job site and the superintendents and management can all talk using a private call feature. We also have the ability to do an 'All Call' in case of an emergency like an approaching storm. It’s really a great product that’s helped us improve our job site communications.” 

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