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Instant benefits, cutting-edge technology and affordable equipment.

Fleettalk equipment and services provide instant benefits. Our wide area UHF Radio network is one of the largest privately owned networks in the United States, currently spanning multiple states. This multi-site, multi-state, digital trunking system currently consists of sites which provides excellent portable and mobile coverage, letting you talk to all of your trucks/employees at one time with crystal clear sound while being local, or states away.


  • Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, East Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and others forthcoming 

  • DOT approved so your fleet and employees can safely hit the road running

  • Save money with no infrastructure or maintenance costs and no tower rent

  • Emergency communications and instant communications for any business

State-of-the-art technology keeps you on the cutting edge long into the future. We use Fleettalk's world famous NXDN technology, providing true, statewide, digital communications. Contact your local dealer and ask about a digital vs. analog demo today!

  • Very narrow band 6.25 kHz channel width, means we are already there!

  • No rebanding in the future, our UHF Networks are here to stay

  • Digital technology for more privacy,​ better coverage and higher signal quality

  • Optional built-in GPS tracking

  • Click here for theFCC Narrowbanding Mandate: A Public Safety Guide to Compliance

Sturdy, affordable equipment and monthly coverage plans built for your needs, Fleettalk is here for you today, and tomorrow. Two-way radios have long been a staple of the communications industry. Instant communication is still in high demand throughout public safety, industrial and dispatch oriented businesses. New government regulations have added more demands, making it unlawful to operate a cell phone in a commercial vehicle. This and the expense of broken phones and high monthly cell phone bills have led to a rise in the need for Fleettalk's commercially proven two-way communications solutions.

  • Three-year capital budget plans

  • Sturdy, dependable low-cost radios

  • Automatic site roaming improves communication and productivity

  • Coverage at low monthly rates with

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