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Clear communication improves service, safety and profit.

Clear, instant communication is your lifeline to service and success. Few industries are as competitive as the taxi cab and limo business. In fact, your business thrives or dies on your ability to dispatch drivers quickly to locations throughout the region. When a customer calls, you need to get there fast or your competition will. Fleettalk gives you the advantage by helping you stay in constant contact with drivers. Arrive at pickup spots and passenger destinations faster. Respond more quickly to maintenance needs and coordinate with tow trucks and mechanics. Communicating more efficiently with more drivers means more customers, fares and profits. But in addition to improving overall responsiveness and building more repeat business, Fleettalk also helps you keep your valued drivers and passengers safe. Contact Fleettalk by Rock Communications today for products, services and solutions specifically for car service businesses.

Fleettalk advantages for taxis and limos

  • Dispatch from one location or even from your vehicle

  • Optional low cost GPS tracking

  • DOT Compliant

  • Great digital audio quality

  • Caller ID

  • Direct call

  • Emergency button for drivers in distress

  • Send short data messages like addresses through your computer

  • Use tablet connected to radio to complete work orders and bill the customer

  • Multiple sites for redundancy and exceptional coverage

  • No changing channels

  • Control who talks to who – if you don’t want drivers talking to each other – and/or if you would like to talk to one driver at a time – we can do that

  • With our GPS mapping program, we can find the closest car to an address

  • Low monthly cost

  • Radios are designed for rough use

  • Unlimited talk – no overages

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