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Johnson Kenwood P25 products for public safety are now

under SC State contract #4400034223


Police, fire and rescue departments rely on Fleettalk advantages. Public safety departments simply cannot take chances when lives are on the line, including your officers, firefighters and members of the general public. That's why police and fire chiefs, county sheriffs and city managers throughout the southeast rely on Fleettalk's expertise,  state-of-the-art NEXEDGE® technology and outstanding service.


Hear directly from fellow law enforcement professionals! Rather than us telling you about our crystal clear advantages, we'll let our customers do the talking. Click below to hear more from area public safety professionals. Plus, scroll down for spec sheets and more on the popular NX5000 series, ideal for law enforcement, fire-rescue, public works and more. See Our Equipment for Public Safety.

'We are extremely satisfied' Jason Pope, Fire Chief, Fairfield County Fire Service

“The Fairfield County Fire Service has been a FleetTalk customer for over five years, and we are extremely satisfied. Before, we had an outdated VHF system with poor coverage throughout our large, rural county. Since switching to FleetTalk from Rock Communications, we now have portable radio coverage over the entire county and beyond..." Click for more.

'No comparison ... clear, clear, clear' Melvin Proctor, Former Kings Mountain Chief of Police

FleetTalk by Rock Communications has served the Kings Mountain Police department for 20+ years. But that pales in comparison for former Police Chief Melvin Proctor's 30 years of dedicated service! See and hear directly from former Chief Melvin Proctor about the city's switch from Motorola to Kenwood NEXEDGE radios..."

'No dead spots inside the city' Chief Frank Burns, Kings Mountain Fire Department

"I guess some of the big advantages that we found out is communications. We actually have no dead spots inside the city. We’ve got so many channels we can choose from when we’re out here training, doing exercise. When you swap over to different channels and not interfere with anything else..." Click for full audio.

'Reliability and cost...this system does both.' James Inman, Bessemer City Manager

"As a former full-time police officer and now a City Manager, the radio system was first converted here for the police department approximately three years ago to the digital system. We were so happy with it that we subsequently converted the entire radio system to the digital system. Click for full audio.

'We couldn't be more pleased' Andrew Underwood, 911 PSAP Mgr, City of Kings Mountain

In 2012 the city made the decision to go to a digital format since we were going to be forced to abandon our existing analog system with the advent of the narrow-banding requirement from the FCC that went into effect Jan. 1, 2013. That being said, we ended up settling on a FleetTalk NexEdge system ..." Click for full audio.

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