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Rock Communications honors area school bus drivers for Going ‘Above & Beyond’

Jon Rock, president of Rock Communications LLC, is a man on a mission to recognize area school bus drivers for their hard work and dedication. Although efforts were temporarily slowed by the Coronavirus outbreak, he said he will soon continue and complete award presentations to seven highly deserving area drivers in various South Carolina school districts.

In late January, his two-way radio telecommunications company committed approximately $1,500 to a recognition program called “Above & Beyond” to honor and reward area school bus drivers who do just that - go above and beyond to keep students and faculty safe.

“We wanted to find a way to say thank you to these drivers and to help people understand just how hard they work every day to keep our area school children safe and secure,” said Rock. “And it extends well beyond safety while on the road, because these drivers do so much more on campus and beyond.”

Helping keep schools and students safe

Keeping schools safe is also the ultimate objective of Rock’s company which develops and provides two-way radio communication solutions to various businesses, public safety departments and area school systems throughout the Southeast.

“We decided to focus first on our South Carolina school system customers and would like to expand the program to others regions in future school years,” said Rock. “We asked each district’s transportation director to nominate one outstanding driver by telling how he or she truly went above and beyond during the recent school year, and we got some terrific stories.”

The prize for going above and beyond? Rock Communications gave each of six deserving drivers a state-of-the-art Kenwood dual (front and rear) dash camera package, each with a $220 retail value. He said the camera packages are for the drivers personal/family vehicles as way to say thanks for all they do to keep others safe.

Changing lifestyles and lifting spirits

Byron Darville, a driver with Aiken County Schools, is just one of many examples of how school bus drivers go above and beyond to have a positive impact on students’ lives. The following entry was submitted by Sharon Harris, Transportation Director for Aiken County Schools.

“Bryon is an all-around outstanding employee. Always looking for a way to help others. Each day Byron starts the day helping to get the lot started on cold mornings. After his route he is tasked with the alternative route in which he has helped turn kids’ lives around. There have been many students on the bus that have changed their lifestyle and ways due to Byron's uplifting spirits and redirecting them each day on their way to and from school. They refer to him as "Coach"! After routes Byron takes his time to make sure the bus lot stays neat and clean keeping the trash cleaned up not only in his stall but all around as well as helping to keep the office clean. Byron has even gone as far as giving up extra routes when he hears someone in need of more driving time. I know he has trials of his own but you would never know because there is not a day that goes by that Bryon doesn't have a smile on his face and an uplifting word to help someone get through their day.”

Speaking of valued school employees who go above and beyond, Rock Communications would also like to thank Transportation Director Sharon Harris for her commitment and service to Aiken County Schools. Check out this terrific article in the Aiken Standard newspaper from 2017 when Sharon was named Executive Manager for Transportation for the Aiken County Public School District. Thank you Sharon for all you do!

More uplifting Above & Beyond stories about outstanding drivers are coming soon! Click here to subscribe to our blog for notifications as we publish photos and entries from more area school districts.

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