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Wide range of customers rely on FleetTalk by Rock Communications for turnkey communication solutions

Instant, crystal clear communication is vital when seconds count and lives are on the line. While that’s obvious for law enforcement and emergency services departments, a huge variety of businesses and organizations benefit from two-way radio systems and coverage.

“We absolutely love challenges, and one of my favorite things about this business is developing cost-effective solutions for all types of business needs,” said Jon Rock, president of Rock Communications LLC. “For us, it’s about much more than just selling radios or technology.”

FleetTalk by Rock Communications serves a huge variety of customers in various industries: public safety, school systems and bus transportation, trucking and hauling, construction and grading and many others. FleetTalk even serves theme parks, entertainment venues, taxi/limo services, trade services, manufacturing facilities and more.

“We start by digging in deep to thoroughly understand a customer’s unique needs, challenges and budget,” said Rock. “Then, we develop turnkey solutions including the right radios and systems, training and service and even provide extensive multi-state coverage.”

FleetTalk is much more than just a retailer selling two-way radios. “Many people don’t realize that we’ve developed one of the largest privately owned UHF radio networks in the United States,” said Rock. “We currently have nearly 100 radio coverage tower locations throughout the Carolinas, from small mountain towns in Western NC, around larger cities like Charlotte and Columbia and along the South Carolina Coast.”

To see or download detailed maps of FleetTalk coverage areas and radio tower locations, simply visit

An extreme commitment to customer satisfaction, cutting edge technology, outstanding service and extensive coverage is attracting key customers and fans throughout the Carolinas. In fact, school administrators, fire chiefs, city managers and grading company owners vouch for FleetTalk’s abilities.

School Systems

“Within six weeks, Rock Communications was able to fully implement the District’s radio program, consisting of more than 400 portable radios and 20 base stations, to ensure reliable communications for 17 schools and the District as the 2019-2020 academic year began,” said Charles Todd, coordinator for safety and emergency services for Fort Mill School District 4. “Rock Communications has been highly responsive to the District’s needs and actively involved in identifying opportunities for radio program enhancements.”

First Responders

“The Fairfield County Fire Service has been a FleetTalk customer for over five years, and we are extremely satisfied. Before, we had an outdated VHF system with poor coverage throughout our large, rural county. Since switching to FleetTalk from Rock Communications, we now have portable radio coverage over the entire county and beyond,” said Jason Pope, Fire Chief for the Fairfield County (SC) Fire Service. “We have had several significant incidents and weather events with large amounts of radio traffic and have had no system issues. Although we haven’t had to use it much, Rock Communications’ customer service has been fantastic offering quick response and fast resolution."

Grading Companies

“I have got to have better communications on my job sites. I’ve got sites that cover 1,500 acres or more. We’ve got a water truck dropping water on the wrong side of the job site while the superintendent is trying to call him on a cell phone that goes straight to voice mail. I’m losing money with cell phones; it’s not working and it’s not safe,” said Brian Mcmanus, Hoopaugh Grading Company, Inc. “Fleettalk is the answer. We have different groups for every job site and the superintendents and management can all talk using a private call feature. We also have the ability to do an 'All Call' in case of an emergency like an approaching storm. It’s really a great product that’s helped us improve our job site communications.”

Visit to see (and HEAR) even more testimonials from satisfied customers - For more information, call Jon Rock at (803) 547-2500 or email

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